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Are you passionate about sports, cycling and writing? What a coincidence, so are we! If you’ve always wanted to combine your passions and have your own work published online, you are in luck. We are looking for aspiring writers, like yourself, to join our team!


Just imagine sharing your experience, expert inputs and more to an audience that stretches around the globe! It’s all possible, and only one submitted article away. Here we share some common guidelines for you to keep in mind before sending some of your work for us to review.


Submit Unique Content

Our review process includes checks on whether or not the work you send in has been published before or contains proof of plagiarism. It is very important that you only submit work that is your own, is unique and that has not been published elsewhere before.


Check Your Work

In order for your work to be taken into consideration, it has to be completely free of errors. We encourage all those interested in contributing to proofread and check their work. Articles that are laced with grammatical errors and typos will not be accepted or published.

Engage the Audience

At Chumba Racing, our aim is to create an open online community where sports and cycling lovers can get the best content in sports. Your work must be engaging, informative, educational or entertaining. Keep the audience in mind and remember to add value.


Short and Sweet

As we’ve mentioned before, our goal is to engage and entertain our audience. The general guide on article lengths are not to be exceeded. Make sure your article is no longer than 600 words, or shorter than 350 words.


Are you ready to join our team and have your sports and cycling articles published? We can’t wait to receive your submission! Please feel free to contact the team at Chumba Racing if you have any questions regarding the submission process.