The 3 Most Unique World-Renowned Cycling Races & Bets

Whether you want to compete or just enjoy watching pro cyclists give it their all in a race, you don’t want to miss out on any of the most exciting cycling races out there. In this post we take a look at three of the most unique and world-renowned cycling races you simply cannot miss out on betting.


The Tour De France

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Geo Lefevre in 1901 chose to change the cycling world forever when he helped establish the Tour De France. One of the most seasoned and longest races in the cycling world, few have a similar dimension of notoriety. Known for creating probably the most renowned cycling celebrity competitors, it is considered the most difficult test.

In the event that you are only a relaxed observer, set aside the opportunity to look at the Tour De France on The Milan-San Remo. Between the exceptional challenge and the wonderful areas, you will clearly have a feast of cycling to observe.

It takes riders through an assortment of regions, towns, settings, and lovely fields. Those that succeed can say the race is genuinely a standout event and amongst the best on the world.


The Dirty Kanza

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The Dirty Kanza is a rewarding experience. It is one of only a few cycling races open to the United States that really pushes the breaking points of even the most perseverance-centred cyclist. Held in Kansas prairies, it’s a long, challenging two hundred miles in length ride on harsh surfaces that requires balance, attention, and determination.

The way that it is held within the hotter months of the year suggest that you will probably be managing heat, bugs, and an overall troublesome ride. For those that need to test their aptitudes on a lower level, there is section of the race that allows cyclists just that if the full stretch is too excessive.


The Milan-San Remo

cyclist - The 3 Most Unique World-Renowned Cycling Races & Bets

One of the more exciting races on the worldwide cycling scale and just as unrestrained as the Tour De France is the Milan-San Remo. It is viewed as a standout among the most extreme races because of how short it is. Usually close to the beautiful coast of Italy, it’s a one-day race that is won neither by the faster biker nor the one with the more perseverance.

Would you like to compete in any of these great cycling races? Then you’d better start training! Competing in these races are not for the faint-hearted, and requires diligence and dedication.

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