Top Golden Rules in Bicycle Sports You Have to Follow

There is a set of golden rules thateach cyclistshould be aware about andfollow to ride safely. It will keep every cyclist more secure and help them to have more fun out on the road. The issue is that a couple of cyclists know and follow these basic guidelines.

Regardless of whether you’re new to the game or a veteran on the bicycle, these 5 golden rules will help you on your next ride.


Warm Up

A slow start excels your progress by guiding oxygen from your blood cells to your muscles. Spin easy for 20 to 30 minutes before you begin to pound.


Eat Real Food

On longer rides, easily digestible calories are key—and they shouldn’t eat just an energy bar. James Herrera, MS, founder of Performance Driven Coaching, has a chosen: spread some almond butter on whole-grain bread and top with sliced bananas and agave nectar or honey.


Respect Your Front Brake

Applying 60 percent front brake will take you to a smooth, controlled stop. But on steep descents or during quick decelerations, you’ll need to depend even more heavily on the front.


Keep Your Head Up

Looking up will help you see traffic, spot the best line through corners, or know when someone’s making a break.


Have a Plan

Improvement does not come by accident. If you want to take your riding to the next level, you must have a simple training plan and set steady objectives to achieve it. “Even better, procure a mentor to control your direction,” recommends three-time Leadville 100 boss Rebecca Rusch.


Focus Where You Want to Go

When riding a tricky or dangerous trail (or road), focus on the way you need your bicycle to follow, not the stone, tree, or other hindrances you’re trying stay away from.


Brake Less

It sounds nonsensical, however the harder you yank on the brakes, the less control you have over your bicycle. The best riders break certainly before a corner. Furthermore, laying off the plug drives you to concentrate on key bicycle cornering skills, for example, weight distribution, body position, and line choice.


Stay with Your Group

Whether you’re setting out on a 500-mile charity ride or racing Paris-Nice, there’s security in numbers. Co-players and friends can pull in case you’re feeling tired, share their food, or help fix a mechanical. “I’ve seen this so often,” says Chris Horner. “A man is leading the race and is really strong and so he goes into a breakaway. But what happens if he crashes or flats? He is all alone. Stay with your group this would be possible.”


Keep Your Perspective

In order for you to reach your goals, you have to stay focused. Be dedicated to your training and keep in mind that cycling is a fun sporting activity. Never lose perspective of the reasons why you are cycling, or allow it to interfere with your priorities such as spending time with your family.

And that’s all of them! If you follow these basic golden rules you should do just fine in training and achieving your goals, while balancing your sport with downtime. We wish you all the success and remember to enjoy the open road!

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