Tour de France Betting Strategies

Tour de France Betting Strategies

For all the glory of witnessing the world’s top cyclists compete over the course of three weeks, there is more to the Tour de France than meets the eye. Fans can also put their expertise to the test and try their luck with some well-planned wagers on the Tour de France. Where do you even begin when there are countless stages and jerseys to choose from? Rest assured, my fellow biker, we’ve got this.

Familiarize Yourself with Your Riders

Gaining familiarity with the peloton, or leading group of cyclists, is the initial stage. Learn as much as you can about the leading candidates, including their race histories, strengths, and shortcomings. Try to find riders who are at the top of their game or who have a strong record on courses like these.

Take Team Dynamics into Account

A strong team can dominate the race and protect its captain. Teams that are well-known for their performance on flat or mountain stages should be considered.

Different Wagers Options Available

In addition to the yellow jersey, many different wagers are available during the Tour de France. Don’t limit your attention to the grand prize winner.

Progress Reporting

Examine the forthcoming profile of the stage. Will there be a mountain finish, a breakaway, or sprinters today? Do you think one rider has what it takes to win the King of the Mountains (polka-dot jersey) or the points classification (green jersey)?

Consider Alternative Perspectives

Bets that seem obvious don’t always end up being the most thrilling. In head-to-head matchups, you and another rider compete to see who can finish a certain stage in first place.

Taking Pride in Your Country

Placing a little bet on your country’s podium finisher(s) could be a thrilling way to show your support.