Types of Cycling Betting Explained

Types of Cycling Betting Explained

Cycling is a physically intense sport that draws interest for bets on the winners of various competitions. More and more bookmakers are providing cycling enthusiasts with the chance to wager on legitimate, trustworthy websites. 

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Accordingly, there are two types of bet which  cycling bettors can bet on, the fixed bet and betting exchanges.

Fixed Bets 

The more typical type of betting for this sport is called a fixed bet, often known as the odds, as it is a number set associated with a person or a team that represents the likelihood that the person or team will win. The probability that the person or team will win is inversely proportional to the level of number; there’s a greater probability for a team or individual to win when the number is lower and vice versa.

Betting Exchanges

In a Betting Exchange a bettor places a bet, which is run by other bettors rather than a bookmaker and has the same design as a fixed bet. A bet is placed when it is “laid.” The money a bettor stakes in a fixed bet with a bookmaker is exchanged, but a bettor can make a bet and effectively become a bookmaker, making money even if they lose the bet as a whole.