Wager On Cycling Events

Wager On Cycling Events

As the term implies, sports betting is placing wagers on the outcome of certain sports or sporting events, such as soccer, basketball, ice hockey, and more. It is one of the most popular and, believe it or not, the oldest forms of gambling, dating back to centuries ago. Traditionally, sports betting is done through brick and mortar sportsbooks or bookmakers, a company or an individual accepting wagers from sports bettors. Today, with the availability of technologies, people can now place their wagers through sportsbooks operating online or over the web.

Sports Betting

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Apart from casino games, there is also an online sportsbooks where sports bettors can wager on a variety of sports, soccer or football being one of the top favorites. Among the markets in this category includes the Euro Cup, Premier League, Copa America, and the World Cup.

Basketball is another sport category to wager on, where the major leagues include the NBA, Pro A, BBL and FBU Super league. Tennis matches are also available on the platform to bet on, wherein you can wager on championships like the French Open, ITF Men and ATP Challenger.

Other popular sports featured on the platform to wager on includes ice hockey, volleybal, American football, baseball, boxing, martial arts, golf, auto racing, esports, and many more, and there are also sports that aren’t as popular as those mentioned but are still wagered on by many. One of these is cycling. While it isn’t a crowd favorite, wagering on cycling is much easier, even for newbies.

Most Popular Cycling Events To Wager On

There are several markets available for sports bettors to wager on cycling, where the most common is also the simplest. Single bets are those made on the victor of a cycling race. There are one-day races and multi-stage races. So, it is imperative that you know which race you are wagering on as there is a difference. 

Aside from single-bets where you pick the outright winner of the race, some bookies have proposition bets (prop bets) as well, such as which nation the victor of each stage (for multi-stage cycling races) come from or which cyclist will win a particular stage of the race.

If you want to try wagering on cycling races, below are 3 major multi-stage cycling events held annually that attract many sports bettors and receive a large volume of wagers:

Tour De France

The cycling course covers about 3,500 km, and is typically divided into 9 flat, 6 mountain, 5 hilly stages, 5 high-altitude finishes, as well as 1 individual time-trial stage. The event takes about 21-23 days, where cyclists are required to complete one course (stage) each day.

Giro’d Italia

The course covers about 3,500 km and 21 stages. It takes participants 23-24 days to complete. Compared to Tour De France, the stages are mostly altitude climbs, taking the cyclists through the Alps. Like the Tour De France, the victor of this cycling event is determined by the least total time taken to finish all the stage. 

Vuelta a Espana

The course covers about 3,300 km to 3,500 km. It takes cyclists 23-24 days to complete 21 stages. The victor is determined by the least time taken to finish the stages.